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    Air purifiers

    Eliminate nasty odours and removes any impurities from the air

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    Picture of Crystal Aire LED/IONIZER

    Crystal Aire LED/IONIZER

    R 799.00
    Picture of Crystal Aire concentrates Eucalyptus

    Crystal Aire concentrates Eucalyptus

    C001-Eucalyptus 200ml
    R 189.00
    Picture of Crystal Aire concentrate Ocean Mist

    Crystal Aire concentrate Ocean Mist

    C001-OceanM 200ml
    R 189.00
    Crystal Aire concentrates Vanilla

    Crystal Aire concentrates Vanilla

    C001-Vanilla 200ml
    R 189.00
    Picture of Colour Egg Aroma Diffuser
    Picture of Crystal Aire Bean Aroma Diffuser Light Wood
    Picture of Executive Air Purifier

    Executive Air Purifier

    R 1 475.00
    Picture of Sapling Aroma Diffuser
    Meaco 20L Low-Energy Dehumidifier

    Meaco 20L Low-Energy Dehumidifier

    R 6 999.00 R 6 699.00
    Picture of MeacoDry 12L Compressor Dehumidifier

    Air Sanitising Treatment

    Anti-bacterial and antiviral air conditioning / air sanitising treatment that prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses through air conditioning systems.
    R 170.00

    Liquid Clinic Air Disinfectant Room Fogger - 120ml

    120ml Room Aerosol Fogger
    R 39.00

    Air Disinfectant Room Fogger 400ml

    400ml Room Aerosol Fogger
    R 59.00
    MeacoDry Arete One 25L Dehumidifier/Air Purifier

    MeacoDry Arete One 25L Dehumidifier/Air Purifier

    MeacoDryArete 1-25LEU
    This MeacoDry Dehumidifier is quiet, energy efficient.
    R 7 899.00