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    Comments (0) Keeping It Cool

    Since 1913, culinary life at home has been made exponentially easier by not having food go off as quickly as it once did. Reducing the temperature of food slows down the production and progression of bacteria that causes food to spoil, whilst freezing products stops bacteria altogether for longer preservation. Essentially, we enjoy fresher food for longer, less wastage and money saving perks all because of this glorious appliance.

    Time for a New Fridge?

    If your fridge spontaneously defrosts, is hot to the touch, lined with unnatural amounts of condensation or is gurgling and grunting like a living thing of ill-health; it’s time. Sure, fridges aren’t cheap appliances, but if you’ve lived without one or lived with one that has stopped doing its job, you know how difficult it can make life and how this is a worthwhile and necessary investment.

    Types of Fridges to Consider

    Older top-freezer designs offer a more budget-friendly solution, whilst a more modern bottom-freezer design offers modern perks in an acceptable price range. Newer designs feature side-by-side systems where the freezer and fridge are left or right of one another and French door fridges have the same features as side-by-side fridges with the added bonus of drawers at the bottom for ultimate storage capacity. It’s all down to what suits your style, needs and budget best.

    The Collaboration of Your Kitchen and Fridge

    When choosing your fridge, don’t forget that it needs to collaborate well with your kitchen in terms of style, functionality and spatial effectiveness. Ensure that the fridge you choose will be able to fit into the space you have in mind, be easily accessible as well as flattering to the other appliances that you already have in your kitchen. Pay attention to the size of your fridge both in terms of its storage capacity as well as the amount of space it will be taking up.

    A Fridge for Every Need

    Whether you’re looking for a new fridge for your home, a bar fridge or a fridge suited for high-functioning commercial use, Megawarehouse offers a variety of cool solutions to suit your needs and wants. Contact their dedicated team or visit their website for more information.

    Comments (0) Creating a Space for Optimal Productivity

    The importance of an office space that provides comfort and functionality for optimal work performance should not be underestimated. Whether you are starting your own business or already successfully running one, being mindful of your working environment can only be beneficial.

    Sit Up Straight and Innovate

    Since a working environment should be a space that exudes productivity and efficacy, it’s important to create an environment that cultivates that. Chairs that encourage correct posture simultaneously encourage an increased flow of oxygen to the brain which allows for improved concentration as well as clear and more creative thinking. Choose chairs and desks that assist employees to sit up straight.

    Comfort is Key

    An uncomfortable environment is not one that people want to be in for very long. Make sure that you and your employees have comfortable work spaces to work in. Remember that many hours will be spent at those desks, on those chairs. Making that experience as pleasant as possible not only demonstrates that your employees are valued, but allows for increased flow and quality of work.

    Minimize clutter

    A clutter-free environment inspires clutter-free minds and lessens the feeling of being overwhelmed. Keep your office neat and as clutter-free as possible by ensuring sufficient storage space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Consider your office space and choose furniture that fits well with plenty of room for mobility whilst being light enough to relocate if necessary.

    Make it Fun

    Dull and dreary environments only make for dull and dreary work. Give your office space splashes of colour – blue has been known to increase productivity, green has a calming effect and yellow has been known to stimulate creativity. As human beings, nature is instinctually important to us, so put plenty of plants in your office space.

    Sourcing Office Furniture

    Ensure that your furniture is sourced from reputable professionals so that the quality, functionality and design all work together for an overall improvement in your environment. Contact the team at Megawarehouse, or visit their website for professional advice and quality office furniture.

    Comments (0) Packing Your RV For A Comfortable Road Trip

    From a breathtaking safari experience in the Kruger National Park to scenic views in the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa has it all when you are looking for the perfect road tripping destination. There is something about hitting the road that we just can’t resist, all we know is that it brings us excitement and satisfaction. If you are seeking to explore the beauty of nature using your recreational vehicle, you need to pack smartly to fully enjoy your trip. Here is what to pack for a comfortable road trip.

    Camping furniture for maximum relaxation

    Although your RV may not fit your home’s cosy furniture, you can still have epic moments of relaxation. Camping furniture is a must-bring item when it comes to comfort when road tripping. Whether you want to bask in the sun, have your meal as you enjoy the breathtaking landscape or relax on the banks of a calm stream, camping furniture guarantees you luxury and function. To save space and to avoid overloading your RV, pack foldable and lightweight chairs and tables.

    Proper beddings for better sleep

    We all want every bit of the road trip to be exciting and full of memorable experiences. But no one wants to rest on a bed that feels like lying on a pile of stones every evening. With thin padding and pokey springs, RV beds are not always as comfortable as those in our homes. Fortunately, you can easily mimic your own bed by packing your favourite pillow, beddings and sleeping bag. You can also bring an air mattress that fits the size of the bed.

    Food to keep you full and active

    When you are thinking about how to maximise on your road trip, packing enough food may evade your radar. How you plan to eat can make or break your road trip. Just because you are away from your home’s kitchen, it doesn’t mean you can’t create some hearty meals. For your long road trip, stock foods that are easy to prepare and have a longer shelf-life such as pasta and cereal. Pack canned goods such as tomato sauce, fruits, tuna, and beans. For perishable foods such as meat and hot dogs, you can bring along a mobile refrigerator. Remember to carry the right cooking equipment including pots, pans and utensils.

    Entertainment gadgets to stay engaged

    During your road safari, not every moment will be full of spectacular sceneries. With miles and miles of the open road awaiting you, you need to keep everyone comfortable and engaged. To keep boredom at bay, pack deck cards, board games, colouring books and a musical instrument such as a guitar. Embrace digital technology and bring along a tablet installed with your favourite games or movies. Music can also help to lighten the mood during dull moments, therefore, don’t forget to pack several music CDs that contain playlists that everyone can enjoy.

    A road tripper who takes the time to plan what to pack will invariably be the one who gets the most out of the trip. When you are comfortable, you will be able to solely focus on the adventure and enjoy the safari. Start planning early, think of what you will need and focus on the essentials. Whether you are looking for thrilling game sightings or perfect coastal sceneries in the Rainbow Nation, the above tips guarantee you an unforgettable road trip.

    Written by: Jackie Edwards

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    Why should I have a mattress protector?