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    Comments (0) Mega Warehouse Camping Accessories
    The December holidays are upon us. For some people, this means staying home and preparing for big family gatherings, while for others it means taking a break from the daily grind and getting away from home (especially after so many of us had to work from home for more than a year). If you fall into the second group, there are many things to do in South Africa and many places to go. A popular and much-loved getaway choice by many South Africans is camping.
    Comments (0) SnoMaster® Fridge and Cooler Series
    Summers in South Africa can get fairly hot. When you need to cool down, you can take a dip in the pool (if you have one), put your fan or air conditioner on full blast, or grab an ice-cold beverage from the fridge to drink (or to use as an improvised ice pack). No matter how you choose to cool down, you’ll want to stay out of the worst of the heat for the warmest parts of the day (at least until the months get cooler when the seasons change). It’s easier to cool down when you have access to all of these amenities, but they aren’t always readily available, such as when you go camping. This article focuses on the portable range of SnoMaster® fridges (perfect for every camping trip).
    Comments (0) The Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooftop Tents
    There was a time when a tent was just a pole or frame and a piece of fabric. That time is long gone. Your tent doesn’t even have to be directly on the ground anymore! With the invention of rooftop tents in the 1930s, camping was changed forever. As you know, rooftop tents are similar to traditional tents, but with one key difference: the former can be fixed to the roofs of vehicles (hence the name), while the latter are usually only made to be fixed to the ground. Continue reading this article to find out why your next camping trip may need some extra elevation.
    Comments (0) Choose The Best Camping Gear For You
    There is more to camping than sleeping outside. For some people, it’s a lifestyle, while for others, it’s only an occasional indulgence. It can range from the simple tent and sleeping bag combo to incredibly complex camping gear setups with gas appliances, warm water, and even comfortable mattresses. Whatever your preferences are, the basic definition of camping remains the same – it's an outdoor activity where you sleep away from home and spend time with Mother Nature. If you are a nomad, however, you “camp” permanently (with only the location changing from time to time).
    Comments (0) Choosing Beds and Base Sets
    A bed is more than just a comfortable surface we sleep on – it’s where we rest to recover from illness, it’s where we go to hide from the world when things get heavy, and it’s where we end off every day. We spend an inordinate amount of time in our beds (between 26 and 33 years by some estimates, depending on how much of that time is spent sleeping or falling asleep). So, it’s important to our health (and for our sanity) that the beds and base sets we choose offer maximum comfort and durability.
    Comments (0) Gas Geysers are Must-Haves
    Few things are as comforting as a hot bath or a warm shower. The feeling of warm water pouring over your skin is second-to-none. It’s one of the many benefits of living on Earth in 2021 (as opposed to living in the Middle Ages when a plague was ravaging the world’s population, civil unrests were common, and economic uncertainty was the norm). Warm water is a luxury, which makes us appreciate it even more when we don’t have access to it.
    Comments (0) Keeping It Cool
    Since 1913, culinary life at home has been made exponentially easier by not having food go off as quickly as it once did. Reducing the temperature of food slows down the production and progression of bacteria that causes food to spoil, whilst freezing products stops bacteria altogether for longer preservation. Essentially, we enjoy fresher food for longer, less wastage and money saving perks all because of this glorious appliance.
    Comments (0) Creating a Space for Optimal Productivity
    The importance of an office space that provides comfort and functionality for optimal work performance should not be underestimated. Whether you are starting your own business or already successfully running one, being mindful of your working environment can only be beneficial.
    Comments (0) Packing Your RV For A Comfortable Road Trip
    From a breathtaking safari experience in the Kruger National Park to scenic views in the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa has it all when you are looking for the perfect road tripping destination. There is something about hitting the road that we just can’t resist, all we know is that it brings us excitement and satisfaction. If you are seeking to explore the beauty of nature using your recreational vehicle, you need to pack smartly to fully enjoy your trip. Here is what to pack for a comfortable road trip.
    Comments (0) Why should I have a mattress protector
    Well the answer goes way further than just protecting your bed against stains. Although this is a very important factor, as most manufacturers will deem your guarantee as voided if the mattress is stained. But why?